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I n v i t a t i o n  e x a m p l e s

Whatever RSVP wording you choose to use, it must include only the following:

                       1. Your RSVP date  (use ONLY the date in your Welcome Letter)                           
2. 1-888-282-0427 M-F*                                                     
  3. www. 2-                                                      
                       4. Your Event Code
(use ONLY the code in your Welcome Letter)                                                           5. RSVPetc...                                                                                                           
Please ask your printer to make sure the hyphen (-) in our web address is clearly visible.
We don't want your guests to have any trouble responding!
Please check your invitations carefully when they come back from the printer

Our office phones are reserved for callbacks on weekends.
To avoid confusing your guests, M-F must be added after the toll-free number.

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Adding the RSVP information to your invitations couldn't be easier!

To save as much money as possilble, simply add the information to the lower left hand corner
of the invitation!
Simple, quick, and by far the most popular.

If you've already ordered your invitations, you can add the RSVP information to separate inserts
as these invitation examples show.